5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Your Best Ability To Pies, What Texas Tech & Texas A&M Must Do To Christmas Trees. It’s What We Know Today!

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  1. Former NFL GM, author and analyst, Michael Lombardi, uses the phrase a lot that one’s best ability is his availability. No matter what you do, showing up is half the battle and puts you ahead of most folks. As 2020 comes to a close, the people and businesses that are willing to physically be there for their friends and clients will win. 2021 will reward those who don’t hide in the shadows and shrink away during these Covid-clouded days. Make sure you’re available in all you do.
  2. Texas Tech athletics director Kirby Hocutt should make it a stated, public goal for the Red Raiders and Texas A&M to play each year on the Friday night after Thanksgiving. A home-and-home series would be great for both schools. A free bonus? It would absolutely hack-off University of Texas folks. There is no downside here.
  3. Top 3 Holiday Pies: #3. Chocolate Cream by Chef Willie Price in Lubbock. #2. Jack Daniels Pecan Pie ( also by Chef Willie ). #1 Homemade mincemeat pie made by my wife.
  4. I’ll never understand folks who get store-bought, pre-decorated Christmas trees that have no personality or personal meaning. To each their own I suppose. Nearly everything you see on our tree has personal meaning to our family in some form or fashion. I see some trees and they might as well be a lamp.
  5. Fried okra deserves a more prominent role as a holiday side-dish.



  1. I agree with 3 and 5. I prefer my homemade Pecan, my wife’s no bake pumpkin and my grandmother’s buttermilk. No tree of any kind, I use a Snow village. Okra is top shelf.

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