5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Christmas Wrapping-Up To Wishing Away Time; To Things We Don’t Want To Hear In 2021, New Year’s Eve Plans & One Thing We Want You To Do For Us Here In Raiderland!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

Brought to you in part by the great people at McAlpin Chiropractic in Lubbock. After getting out of shape these past few weeks, maybe picking up a few too many heavy boxes… ya, they’re here to help!

  1. If you can get all the trash out of your house before the sun goes down on Christmas Day, you’re doing it right. If you have trash bags ready to go as the unwrapping is going on, you’re doing it right. If you happen to throw away a gift card or two, maybe shirt and perhaps a new ring or something. . . hey, that’s on them! You’re trying to keep order going around here! Keep up with your stuff or get left behind! This is Christmas, not “I’ll Keep Up With Your Stuff While You Don’t Pay Attention-Mas!”. 🙂
  2. One of the worst things about 2020 is that you’ll wish-away the year and have negative memories on almost everything about it. Don’t do that. I’m betting there were a lot of great things in your life this year. Don’t wish-a-way time. Think about it like this. During the Great Depression, life was hard, horrible for many, yet I’m betting your grandparents and more still had good times and good memories even during the worst of those days. This past year was hard. Still, this past year gave you a year’s worth of growth, of watching your kids or grandkids, of triumphing over hardship, of reminding yourself there’s more to life than what you thought mattered before March 13th or so and more. I pray we all live long enough to look back on 2020 and see that it didn’t define us, but rather we defined ourselves and moved forward; stronger and better.
  3. Top 3 Things I don’t Want To Hear In 2021: #3. Science and Data. #2. With An Abundance Of Caution. #1. We’re All In This Together.
  4. New Year’s Eve is amateur night. Stay home, make some home-made pizza and then see if you can stream the MTV Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Concerts from the early 1980’s. You’ll be glad you did. Duran Duran for the win. Your kids will think you’re really cool and you’ll be safe! If you’ve got some plans, let us know here! Share you’re stay-at-home ideas and better yet, recipes!
  5. For our final “5 Thing” of the year, I want to ask all of you folks to do something. I want you to post here on our site just one thing, one positive thing that you’ve done, accomplished, seen, experienced or observed during 2020. I firmly believe there’s more good out there than bad, more hope than fear and more of us who embrace life than the ones who cower…. so prove it to me. Share and show the world that 2020 was a Gift from God and not a year of bitterness sown by the one who would wish we would all choke on evil. I think you know what I mean.

Thanks for taking time this year and each Sunday to read what we write. I can’t wait for 2021 and the chance to see what God gives us!



  1. #5 My wife and I moved my 89 year old mom in with us. She has dementia. My wife fixed our room up for my Mom, and she and I moved into our sons little bedroom. Mother has been safe from the corona here, and and we can take care of her. It limits what you do, I never expected to be doing this when I retired from teaching and coaching, it makes me want to pull my hair out daily, but right now we can do it and believe it’s the right thing to do. More than anything, it’s proven to me that I married up and Gid has blessed me in ways I had never dreamed of. Merry Christmas to yo Ryan, and here’s hopes for a happy new year.

  2. We had to put our Boston Terrier, Scout, down in May. That was no fun but we acquired an English Setter pup, Augustus McCrae. (Gus) He has reminded us daily that he loves us and we love him. His energy and spunky nature have been a blessing to us. Although he has chewed up patio furniture and completed many backyard landscaping ventures, his spirit has been great for our family! Perspective…

  3. For us, it was walking and sitting on the back porch. The wife and I got out and walked about three and half miles at least four days a week and spent time on the back porch as much as the weather would allow. For us, it gave us time to talk, enjoy the outdoors and just be together. It seemed to calm life down and it let us see there are lots of good things around us.

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