The Daily Broadcast: Your Favorite Non-Sports Moment Of 2020, We Chat About Stuff & Whatnot. A Relaxing Monday Night Visit!

Brought to you in part, only the good parts, by Domino’s Pizza. Get their app. It works great and you know you’re tired of ham and turkey and stuff. It’s pizza time in Raiderland!

We asked y’all about your favorite moments of 2020 that had nothing to do with sports and y’all responded! We went many other places tonight as well and that’s why we love doing this.

For our replay viewers, no worries. We love you too! If you want to contribute, just post below or hit us on Twitter. The show never ends on Twitter!

So, here’s the Monday show. Enjoy as always. Comment if you want. And for sure, share with your friend on social media and keep Raiderland growing. See y’all on radio tomorrow as we finish up 2020 in style!