5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Fear To Monty Python, Great Smells To Great Problems Plus What Your Local Government Should Be Telling You Right Now . . .

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

Today’s 5 Things is brought to you by Dr. Greg Johnson D.D.S. The Smile-Guy! Dr. Johnson’s practice is open and ready to take care of your dental needs during this challenging time Lubbock! Give them a call at 806-780-4911 if you have any questions and tell them Raiderland sent ya! Now wash your hands and brush your teeth!

  1. One of the Top 5 Smells in a house has to be that of fresh bread baking and then coming out of the oven. My wife made some bread this week. I may not tell her when the Coronavirus shutdown ends if this keeps up. Honorable mention smells? Clean sheets, fajitas or anything pine. Feel free to give us your Top 5 Smells in a house. (You’ve got time ya know . . . )
  2. Maybe, just maybe, folks aren’t supposed to be living stacked up on each other crammed into buildings with hundreds of other folks in small areas of land. Just a thought.
  3. The Top 3 Monty Python’s Flying Circus Skits of all-time: 3. “Argument Clinic”. 2. “The Ministry Of Silly Walks”. 1. “The Dead Parrot”.
  4. Overheard: “If you fear God, you’ll fear nothing. If you don’t fear God, you’ll fear everything.”
  5. Every time local government releases numbers of confirmed cases of Coronavirus or deaths without releasing at the same time the number of folks who have been tested, cleared or even recovered cases, they’re selling fear and doing the public a disservice. Media should refuse to report incomplete numbers until local governments provide a true picture of what’s going on in a community.