5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Hank JR. To Peggy Hill, Old Lubbock BBQ Joints To Buying Mother’s Day Gifts As A Kid…. That Plus A Few Thoughts On Baseball & Texas. Enjoy, Comment, Share With A Friend!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. Hank Williams Jr. is one of the most underrated Country Music stars of all-time. Go back and watch a concert or two from him in the mid-80s or so. Entertainer. If there had never been Hank Williams, Junior would be a bigger star. BTW, If you want a taste of what his shows were like during that great 80s run, check this out: Hank Live.
  2. For a state eat up with football, Texans sure do love baseball. I think it’s because Texans value a game that doesn’t have a clock. It’s like smoking a brisket or working on a fence. How long will it take? No idea. It will be done when it’s done. Add in the fact that baseball lets you whack something with a big piece of wood and it’s no wonder early Texans gravitated to the game. Texans may love football, but they enjoy baseball. And baseball is a game to be enjoyed. Savored even. Like good BBQ and cold beer. . .
  3. Top 3 TV Moms All-Time: No. 3. Clair Huxtable “The Cosby Show”. She could try a criminal by day and then scorch Theo Huxtable for any and all transgressions at home. No. 2 Mrs. Cunningham “Happy Days” She kept Richie from running around with anyone worse that Potsie and Ralph Malph… and was the only one who could tell Fonzie to “Sit On It”. Mrs. C. rocked! No. 1. Peggy Hill. Smart enough to marry Hank, never let Bobby go to jail and managed to be Arlen’s Spanish Substitute Teacher of the Year countless times. An American Icon! Happy Mother’s Day to all the great Mom’s out there!
  4. There’s some great BBQ places around Lubbock these days, and I love them all. That said, I do miss Great Scott’s BBQ out on the old Tahoka Highway and 1585. The old house on the north side of the road where you could put a six-pack of Lone Star beer in the fridge and no one would mess with it while you listened to live music out back while eating on a run-down picnic table. Those were some wonderful summer days and nights in West Texas. The BBQ was really good too, if I recall. Mostly it was the atmosphere and the people. That can’t be replicated.
  5. You might be a Texan if you ever bought your mom a Mother’s Day gift at a Stuckey’s driving back from the State Track Meet with your Dad when you were a kid. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I hope you enjoyed the orange marmalade! I wasn’t sure what marmalade was then, but it seemed like fancy jelly – so that had to be worthy of a Mother’s Day gift. I don’t remember what gift came in second place on the choosing that Sunday. . .



  1. I love Hank Jr., but never got to see him live in concert. Hopefully, I can change that. His partying is also legendary, which adds to his country bonafides. Baseball is a good sport, but too much downtime in an MLB game. They gotta work on that.

  2. #1 Hank Jr. is awesome. Many mainstream good songs but some of his less known music may be his best!
    #2 Ditto. I love baseball. Bobby Moegel, John Dudley, Larry Hays…the list goes on…
    # 3 Carol Brady… she worked wonders with a blended family
    #4 Great Scott’s was awesome! We were once provided Old Charter whiskey by the kind folks there. We ate great BBQ and drank free whiskey. Good times! That night didn’t end well; however. One of us ended up in jail!
    #5 His mom bailed him out! God bless moms!!!

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