The Daily Broadcast: The Lubbock Tornado, 51 Years Later. Our Thoughts And Your Remembrances. Respect.

51 years later the killer Lubbock tornado of 11 May, 1970 still shapes and impacts the city. We talked about it today and got some great comments. I hope you take a moment to watch the video tonight and share anything you’d like with us and others.

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  1. Ryan,
    Thanks for humbly remembering/memorializing the tragic events of May 11, 1970. I wasn’t born until 1974 but my parents painted vivid pictures of that night. They were at an end of school party at Wagner Park. The sky turned black and they packed up and drove home. (46th and Chicago) Little did they know what would transpire… At the time, my dad coached and taught at Alderson Jr. High. He couldn’t get to work the following day. A side note… the “new” walk in refrigerators at Smylie Wilson Jr. High were used as a makeshift morgue for some of the perished. That evening changed the lives of many and the city of Lubbock forever. Had that not happened, I wonder what our city would look like today? It did happen however and I’m still proud of our town. The sacrifice, perseverance and grit of folks back then has helped shape who we are today.

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