5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Pics With Santa To Lubbock Laws, Christmas Memories To Socks.

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

Brought to you in part today by our friends at Premier Sportsplex. Don’t wait for the calendar to flip over to get in shape! You can get started this week!

  1. You might be a pure West Texan if you ever had you son’s picture made with a Santa Claus at a PetsMart because the lines were too long everywhere else and who is ever gonna know the difference. Pro-Tip: A pet store Santa is much more comfortable with dogs than kids. . .
  2. I’ve mentioned this before, but with Christmas coming up and many of you men-folk getting quality socks for Christmas I feel like I should pass along this wisdom again. Be sure and number your socks. Left and Right indicators are optional. If you do this, you’ll always keep up with your socks. An example might be: R24 or L43. Whatever works for you. You’re welcome.
  3. Top 3 Laws Lubbock Really Needs: #3. No vehicle can travel more than 50 feet in a turn lane. #2. No one gets to sell anything, ask for donations for anything or panhandle at any intersection. #1. The city council can only meet twice a year for three hours each time. If they can’t get what needs to be done in that time-frame, it wasn’t really important enough in the first place most likely.
  4. Chocolate gravy on biscuits for breakfast is highly underrated.
  5. One of the many things I miss in Lubbock around Christmas is the Gold Room at the old Hemphill-Wells/Dillard’s department store. When I was a little kid, that was a magical place to get to eat. My great-aunt had no children, so she made each and every one of us nephews and nieces her “kids” over the years. At Christmas or other special occasions she would take us to lunch at the Gold Room, pretty fancy stuff for a West Texas kid. Cloth napkins and that extra fork and spoon and things. I didn’t truly appreciate it as a kid, but I do now. Auntie didn’t just let us have fun, she snuck in a little culture here and there on us. I hope everyone has an Auntie in their life.