5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From The Awesomeness Of Little Kid’s Birthday Parties To Best QB Of All-Time To TV Shows That Could Never Air Today Plus Dishwashing Machine Wisdom And That Strange Hair On Your Ear! Enjoy, Comment, Share With A Friend!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

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  1. There’s not much cooler than a little kid’s birthday party when you’ve gotten a bit older and you don’t have any little kids around the house. It’s easy to forget as your kids get older how magical and special a Birthday Party could be for a child!!! We stressed over it as parents back then. Wanted it perfect. What did the kid want? They just wanted a moment in time to be the center of attention and to have a cake and some friends and some fun. The rest… it matters to us as we try to create and capture memories and moments, but the kids just want to have fun! Love watching and seeing my “niece” turn four this weekend! She’s got it figured out! Stretch it out over a few days and get cake! Happy Birthday Raegan!
  2. Tom Brady is the best QB in NFL history. There. I said it. Don’t make me say it again. The pain. It burns. I apologize Roger, Joe, Sammy, Brett, Y.A. and Terry. But, it’s true. Let’s not speak of this topic again.
  3. Top 3 TV Shows That Couldn’t Be On TV Today: No.3. The Dukes Of Hazard. The General Lee. The Flag. Boss Hogg. No.2. All In The Family. Do we really need to go into detail here? I still like the term ”Meathead”, though. No. 1. The Jeffersons. Watch any episode from the first 3-4 seasons. Watch ten minutes. Not only would the show not be on TV, if anyone tried to produce it and air it, they would be cyber-lynched by the media and woke blue-check nation on Twitter. (But it was funny as hell, wasn’t, it for 11 seasons and great ratings…. )
  4. Has anyone ever changed their dishwasher off the ”Heavy Clean” cycle ever? Ever? Why would I not want everything cleaned the best? Why do they even give me options? That’s like asking me in the shower if I want ”Hot Water” or ”Kinda Hot Water”. What do you think I want? I want hot water and I want clean dishes. If any of y’all are on Team Sorta-Clean Dishes, please start going to another site for Texas Tech and West Texas news!!! If my grandmother had the option in 1935, I know what she’s choosing!!!!
  5. At a certain age, it will happen to you all. At a certain age you will one day become annoyed and distressed by a stray, random hair on your ear. It will happen. This is natural. This is also one of those things in life that forces you to realize you are in fact, now aware of random hairs on your ears. Congrats! It’s one of the first signs you can now become eccentric and odd. Trust me, it allows you to get away with a lot of things. So, celebrate that random, strange, white hair! It’s your ticket to getting away with stuff!



  1. I think Brady is the best of this generation. But to say that a Joe Montana or a Johnny Unidas couldn’t be as good with the lifetime of training and such that Tom Brady got you just can’t know.
    Also I do the same with laundry heavy duty all the way. I know it ruins the colors but it just makes it more comfy quicker.

  2. It hurts me to say it too, trust me. Especially how they beat my Panthers in SB 38, but I would argue his SB ring record may be unbreakable. Tom has a +3 lead on the past leaders with 4, Joe and Terry. #3 – Dukes of Hazard was my show, until Knight Rider came out … LOL. You are right, though. #5 – No comment … hahaha! Have a blessed Sunday and take care.

    Go Gators!

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