5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From The South Plains Fair, To Food, Texas Rangers To Undecideds Plus What We Need More Of In West Texas

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. How do you know 2020 is a one-off year? The South Plains Fair is in town and there is no rain to be seen around Lubbock. Strange days indeed.
  2. The MLB regular season is over after today and I don’t think I watched a single Texas Rangers game from start-to-finish. I also didn’t miss it. I’ll try again next year when Josh Jung is on the roster and the season actually matters.
  3. Top 3 Sides. No. 3. Mashed potatoes with brown gravy. No. 2. Thick cut fries with the skin on, served with Hienz 57 sauce. No. 1. Fried Okra, preferably cooked by my Mother-In-Law.
  4. Undecided voters have to be the same folks who can’t handle 4-way stops. How anyone can be undecided at this point in a national election boggles my mind. I assume, and hope, that most who say they are undecided are lying to pollsters. If not, we truly are a lost cause as a nation.
  5. Don Williams will go down as the last great columnist and opinion leader in Lubbock media history. I wish he got to write more columns for the A-J. West Texas would be better off if he did.



  1. 2. I watched probably three-fourths of the Rangers’ games from start to finish, thanks to DVR. Baseball is the national pastime, and never forget it.
    3. You left out black-eyed peas.
    5. Who is that guy you’re talking about? I’ll have to look for his stuff.

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