5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Why March Is Great To Baked Potatoes, Texas Revolutionary War Heroes To Why Gov. Greg Abbott Will Fail Their Legacy This Week. Enjoy. Comment. Share!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. Seeing the calendar turn over from February to March is one of my favorite things. It’s not Spring yet, but it’s coming. Its March Madness looming. Its St. Patrick’s Day. Its a little more sun in the evening when I get home. Its green grass starting to grow. Its Texas Independence Day. In short, it is the beginning of renewal; much more so than January to me. Love me some March!
  2. A baked potato is the perfect vessel to carry a lot of great food. BBQ. Queso. Sour Cream. Bacon. Butter. In reality, a baked potato is a carb salad just waiting for toppings. The Irish figured this out far too late. I’m trying to think of something that doesn’t go great with a baked potato I’m I’m at a loss.
  3. Top 3 Unheralded Texas Revolutionary War Heroes: No. 3. James Bonham. No. 2. Juan Seguin. No. 1 Erastus “Deaf” Smith.
  4. The movie “Slap Shot” is one of the greatest movies ever made.
  5. The Governor of The Great State of Texas; Greg Abbott – is gonna try and take credit for “freeing you” from the restrictions of covid this week. I’m guessing he’ll try and grandstand on March 2nd. He’ll try and make it look like he is liberating Texans from ‘Rona Restrictions. Don’t let him get away with it. He acted no different than Santa Anna when it came to ‘Rona in Texas. He willfully ignored the Texas Legislators and their inherent right to govern in this situation. He should have called a special session in May at the latest to allow elected officials to determine the course of action in Texas. Instead, he hoarded power, all the while giving little to know guidance to county and city officials, and then blaming them when things didn’t go the way he wanted. In short, Greg Abbott is unworthy of the price paid to create Texas. But, watch as he stand upon the legacy of True Texas Heroes this week as he tries to use them as a platform for his own soon-to-be-announced Presidential run. Don’t worry, Real Texans are watching and we will let the rest of The United States know who you are Greg.


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