6/8/23 Question ‘O The Day – Either/Or Thursday: Let’s Talk Baseball Records.

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Happy Thursday y’all! Let’s get to some baseball talk. When it comes to records and debates about records it doesn’t get better than baseball. From historical to right now, baseball is a Talking Sport as they used to say on the Little Ticket… so let’s talk some baseball. Here’s your Either/Or Thursday debate question.

Which record do you think is more likely to be broken? Either Cal Ripken Jr.’s consecutive games played streak of 2,632 OR will someone hit .400 or better for a full MLB season? Both take everything from luck to pure talent. Remember, Ripken Jr. had to be good enough to be in the line-up all those years. From hitting .400, batters now don’t get a lot of day games, they face multiple fresh relievers in a game… you name it. So which record do you think is more likely to fall and why?

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