Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast (Video-Mostly In Color!): A Comeback For The Ages, Texas Tech Gets First Big12 Win Vs ISU After Being Down 23. Why Not! Big12 Football Schedule Announced, Finally. Let’s Go To Utah! Super Bowl Hype – Host Or Guest?

Brought to you in part by Domino’s Pizza and Dominos.com. Remember, if the weather is bad, tip like a drunken sailor if you have them deliver. It’s worth it and only right! Here’s the show. […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast(Video- In Color Where Available) : Is Tonight The Night For Texas Tech’s First MBB Win In Big 12 Play? Breaking News: Patrick Mahomes Still Great. Dallas Cowboys Fire Everyone But McCarthy, So Everything Will Be Fine! Enjoy, Share!

It’s like the radio show, but you have to look at me! […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Texas Tech MBB 0-8. Can It Be Fixed? Is It Coaching Or Talent? More Texan Meal: Either Chili Or Chicken Fried Steak? Plus, Please Kirby Hocutt, Stop Tech From Wearing Horrible Uniforms!!!!

Never wear gray. Never order chili instead of CFS. […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast(Video): Are You Ready For Snowmageddon 23? What Did You Storm The Grocery Store For And What’s On Your Snow Menu? Will Texas Tech MBB Turn It Around Vs WVU? What Do You Want The Dallas Cowboys To Do Now…. Enjoy, Share, Comment!

Bundle up! […]

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Album Covers To Greatest Closed Down Bars/Clubs In Lubbock To Fresh Bread, Elmer Kelton And Super Market Super Powers! Enjoy, Comment, Share!

Either #3 or #1 will generate the most comments this week. Looking forward to it. Thanks for reading and commenting and sharing with friends! […]

Roundball Rewind

Roundball Rewind ( VIDEO ): Kansas State Beats Texas Tech 68-58, Another Second Half Slide Puts Red Raiders At 0-7 In Big 12 Play. Our Thoughts, Your Comments/Questions. What Happens From Here For Tech Hoops?

We’ve seen this movie before…. […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast(Video): Texas Tech Basketball. Are The Issues “Season” Or “Program” Problems? How Confident Are You This Week, Dallas Cowboys Fans? “This Is America – I Don’t Have To Wear Anything I Don’t Want To Wear!”- Cosmo Kramer. Tell That To The Woke NHL Crowd, Kramer!

Enjoy the show! […]