Dear Texas Tech Basketball Fans: Athletes Don’t Owe You Anything… Allen Corbin Writes. You Read. Comment If You Dare…And Just Maybe, You Know Someone Who Needs To Read This….

Athletes Don’t Owe You Anything

This past Sunday evening proved to be an eventful night in the land Texas Tech social media. Rain finally hit the South Plains, Tech Baseball lost again on the Lord’s Day, and the Softball program fired their whole staff before the season ended. 

I might have forgot to mention that longtime fan favorite Kevin McCullar announced his departure from the Red Raider Basketball program by announcing his top two programs would be Gonzaga and Kansas if he didn’t go pro.

By now many have seen how some in Texas Tech social media circles will absolutely go ballistic and start flaming the player or coach who dares leave the sacrosanct Texas Tech. Sometimes these low IQ fans will flame a player for having a bad game and go as far as issuing death threats like they’re part of a fanatical terrorist groups in the Middle East.

Fan is short for fanatic and much of the response to McCullar have left a lot to be desired for a fan group which desperately wants to be taken seriously. It’s hard to take a fan base like that seriously when they constantly live with a chip on their shoulder and let you know they have that chip.

There’s some hard truths that these fanatics need to hear and it’s said with concern for their mental health. First, McCullar doesn’t owe you an explanation and you aren’t entitled to that. Second, he didn’t betray you. You can feel what you want to feel, but you probably to re-evaluate your priorities in life and put stock into things that matter. Sports don’t ultimately matter. Lastly, don’t let your joy be impacted by the work choices of McCullar. Make no mistake that’s what his choice is. It’s not personal, it’s just business.

Stop elevating sports and even a school to the level of a god. Texas Tech makes for a poor savior. Sports certainly won’t be a savior either. Having either one of those as your functional savior with lead to a life of futility when it comes down to it.

Allen Corbin, Raiderland Contributor.