• “What The Hell’s Going On In Lubbock” Featuring KFYO Radio’s Chad Hasty: Duncan Abruptly Quits As Texas Tech Chancellor, Vet School In Peril, County Commissioners Gone Wild.
  • The Texas Tech Football “Closed” Scrimmage, That Kinda Wasn’t, What We Can Learn From It ( Or Not ) & Tiger Woods Is Still A Freakin’ Monster – The R&D Podcast Featuring KAMC 28 Sports Director David Collier
  • The PGA Championship Recap With Golf USA’s Stacy Nix: Big Game Brooks & Tiger Woods Still Moves The Needle
  • The Sunday Nightcap:  Texas Tech Football QB Battle, School Supply Madness, Tiger Woods, Kevin Harvick & More
  • 5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Sports Dynasties To West Texas Rain, Back-To-School And Pressure Of A New Truck

Hyatt: I am Blessed

I am blessed. I am surrounded by family. I’m not talking about the usual kind of family. I’m talking about my office, and all the things I see around me as I write this . . . I am sitting at my grandfather’s desk. He had it at his business for years. When he retired he moved it to his house. Later on, I was lucky enough to get to...

Cultural Index Thursday – BBQ Anyone?

One of the great things about Raiderland is that it allows me to bring back a few of my favorite things from the old Williams and Hyatt Show. For nearly 15 years a staple of the program was the Cultural Index topic, always on Thursdays. The topic was always non-sports related and might be anything from movies and TV shows, to food, drink or music. It didn't matter. If it was...

Cram Session – Sept. 1, 2016

Welcome to Cram Session everyone. My weekly take on what’s going on in the world of sports, politics, the inter-web and really just anything else I feel like talking about. I’ll choose three topics, give you my take and then I want to hear yours as well. This first edition just hits on an intro topic but one that demanded a little more of a “stand” than normal – if…


Texas Tech Season Preview

For years this week meant I had to make a season prediction on Texas Tech Football. Whether it was on the old Williams and Hyatt Show or now on KAMC with David Collier on “Last Call” there on KAMC -28, either way this week means you’ve got to go on record about what you think will happen regarding something you have very little information about. That’s why I scoff at…


College Football Eczema

It’s like an itch John Stone from “The Night Of” has to scratch. It doesn’t matter that it’s tucked in a sandal under Crisco and Saran Wrap or, say, all the way in Sydney, Australia. For fans from Fresno to Fayetteville — that itch is college football and it’s back. We’re not talking about recruiting, spring practice or fall camp, which all seem more like the many creams, ointments or in Stone’s case, the chopstick…


Post Haste: Football Season is Upon Us

Thank God football season is finally here! I host a political talk show on News/Talk 790AM KFYO in Lubbock, Texas and while I love politics, it’s good to have a distraction every now and then. I even subjected myself to watching the Rio Olympics a couple of weeks ago just to be distracted from the craziness that has been Election 2016. And I don’t just mean watching swimming, women’s beach…


How About This?

Sometimes you wonder how and what you’ll write about… Then, life continues. How about this? She may be wearing a denim jacket, you’ve known her for longer than the jacket… But someone hollers for some help. We go there. The Good Lord let’s us live in hell holes so we ought to love those who must. I do for a minute understand. I don’t, yet, I do. I saw two…