Raiderland Rewind: Viva Texas Tech! Gettin’ By On Gettin’ By! Wells Gets His Close Win – 34-27 Over WVU. Columbi Discovers Texas Tech Offense & Defense Shows Up When Needed Most. That & We Remember Jerry Jeff Walker! (Video)

Raiderland Rewind brought to you in part by McAlpin Chiropractic!

Wells gets is close win finally, Columbi discovers some Texas Tech offense minus a lot of weapons, the defense does what it needs to do at the right time and Texas Tech beats WVU 34-27. John Denver would be proud!

Add in some Jerry Jeff Walker talk and we had a great recap with y’all. If you missed it live, no worries. Watch the replay, post your comments and questions here and then share with your friends like the live viewers do on Twitter and Facebook. See y’all Sunday with our 5 Things We Know On A Sunday column!