Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast (VIDEO): Texas Tech Baseball Headed To Florida In NCAA Tournament. UCONN First Up. Will Tech Pitching Hold Up, Will Bats Show Up? Our Thoughts Plus Your Great Comments/Questions.

Let’s talk NCAA Baseball!
The Road To Omaha starts in Gainesville for Texas Tech. […]

One More Podcast

The One More Podcast Featuring Carl Johnson, Bill Berman, Stevie Shrimp And Ryan Hyatt! CWS, NFL, Great Uniforms You Could Wear To The Prom Plus A Lots Of Nuggets Of Wisdom. Enjoy & Share!

Another foray into broadcast excellence and whatnot. Lots of whatnot! […]


The Daily Broadcast (VIDEO): Which Former Texas Tech Athlete Is ”Statue Worthy”? Better TV Character? Walter White From ”Breaking Bad”, Or Tony Soprano From ”The Sopranos”? CWS Is Set. OU Vs Ole Miss. Who Ya Got?

Brought to you by Boot City! Great Boots? Yep. Great shirts? Yep. Great britches? Yep. So get out there and save some money and get to looking good! Let’s talk some Texas Tech sports, a […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Your First Sports Memories, First Favorite Teams/Players? If Texas Tech AD Kirby Hocutt Is Next Big 12 Commish, Is That Good Or Bad For Texas Tech? CWS Going Wild Plus How FINA & Swimming Finally Got Something Right For Women When It Comes To Trans Athletes! Enjoy, Comment, Share!

Our best show of the week! Of course it’s Monday . . . […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast(VIDEO): Better Mob Movie? Casino Vs. Goodfellas. US Open & CWS Predictions. Texas Tech Hoops Vs LSU In SEC/Big 12 Challenge. Yawn. Oh, And Hyatt’s Wife Shows Up…Enjoy And Share!

Lots going on so keep your head on a swivel and pay attention! […]


David Collier’s Encyclopedia Of Sports Presents A New Podcast! Episode 1. A Never Before Seen ”heard” Look At Texas Tech Baseball’s First Trip To Omaha And The College World Series. How We Covered It And What We Loved About 2014. The First Time Is Always Special!

What you didn’t know about Texas Tech’s trip to CWS in 2014! Behind the scenes stories! And trains! […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Your Top Ice Cream Flavors, Is Blue Bell Overrated? Coolest Names In Texas Tech Sports History. CWS Is Set, Who Ya Rooting For? Can It Really Be Notre Dame??? Great Show With Great Interaction. So Watch And Share!

What did Hyatt really say about ice cream and Texas??? […]

Diamond Talk

Diamond Talk: Notre Dame Ends Texas Tech’s Season With 2-1 Win In NCAA Regional Action. We Recap The Tournament, The Year And More. Our Thoughts And Your Great Questions And Comments. Enjoy And Share With A Red Raider.

Sometimes it ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end. . . […]

Diamond Talk

Diamond Talk: Texas Tech Baseball Bounces Back From ND Loss To Eliminate UNCG 2-0. Our Thoughts And Recap, Your Comments And Questions. What’s Next For Tech On Sunday In NCAA Tournament? Enjoy And Share!

Offense? Who needs offense???? […]