Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast(Video): Are You Ready For Snowmageddon 23? What Did You Storm The Grocery Store For And What’s On Your Snow Menu? Will Texas Tech MBB Turn It Around Vs WVU? What Do You Want The Dallas Cowboys To Do Now…. Enjoy, Share, Comment!

Bundle up! […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast(IN COLOR WHERE AVAILABLE): Either/Or Thursday-Have You Ever Eaten A McRib Sandwich? 1 QB Next 3 Years, Either Dak Prescott OR Lamar Jackson. Texas Tech’s Uniforms Vs Baylor Are Great, But They Ain’t ”Throwbacks! Know Your History!

Well, what do you choose? […]

Daily Broadcast

The Award-Winning Daily Broadcast(As Seen On TV!): What’s The Biggest Challenge Texas Tech Football Faces To Become An Elite Program? Give Us Your Favorite NFL Team & Their Best Player Ever? Oh? What? College Football Powers Are Talking About Leaving The NCAA??? We’re Shocked!!!! Enjoy, Comment, Share!

Brought to you in part by Lifts West Hotel And Condominium in Red River, New Mexico. It’s a great time to head to the mountains and enjoy the cool, late-summer rains, take a hike to […]

Talk 103.9 FM Raiderland Podcast

Raiderland Radio Podcast Via Talk 103.9 FM: Raiderland Helmet Stickers, Why Dallas Needs Another NFL Team Plus Texas Tech Baseball Confidence Rankings. We Hit On A Ton Of Things Today (Insert Joke Here). So We Know You’ll Enjoy The Show!

Great radio, podcast form. Everyone win! […]

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Wednesday: From Why Mayo Is A NO GO To Teams Dallas Cowboys Fans MUST Hate, To The Bee Gees And Dr. Fauci Plus Why I Feel Like Henry Hill From Goodfellas . . . Enjoy, Comment And Share!

Not sure which one y’all will want to debate tonight, so sound off on them all! […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Does Antonio Brown Deserve Sympathy Or Scorn? OU QB Hits Transfer Portal, OU AD Hits Twitter For Damage Control! Are Chiefs/Cowboys In Trouble? All That Plus Your Comments And Questions!

We’ve got a lot to talk about tonight. […]