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The Daily Broadcast (VIDEO): Time For Texas Tech Baseball To Grow-Up. Tech Football Will Somehow Be On Major TV Networks Without Being In SEC or Big10!!! Colorado Feeling The “Prime Time” Effect – We Welcome Them To The Big 12. All That Plus Your Great Comments/Questions!!!!

Plenty to talk about on a Wednesday night! […]


The Daily Broadcast (VIDEO): Texas Tech Baseball On Solid NCAA Footing, Raiderland Helmet Stickers, As The ACC Burns – Who Do You Want From ACC In The Big 12 Plus Your Great Comments! Enjoy And Share With A Red Raider You Love!

ACC tells Pac12, hold our under-valued TV contracts…. […]

Daily Broadcast

Diamond Talk/Daily Broadcast (Video): Texas Tech Baseball Opens Season With 8-4 Win Over Gonzaga, Pac12 Flying Apart, Is It Kingsbury Time In #ChiefsKingdom? Our Thoughts, Your Comments. Welcome Back Baseball!!!

8-4 Opening Day win with lots to talk about! Enjoy and Share with Texas Tech friends. […]

Daily Broadcast

The Award Winning Daily Broadcast: DeShaun Watson Gets 6-Game Suspension, Do You Agree Or Not? Roger Goodell Can’t Win Here. New Big 12 Commish Goes To Work Today. Do You Feel Better Texas Tech Fans? You Should. Pac 12 Beware. Hand-Grenades Just Beginning…

He’s got bacon wrapped around his photo, so you know he’s legit! […]

Daily Broadcast

The Wild And Crazy Totally True Story Of Texas Tech Football And The First Conference Realignment. No, Not The Big 12 And Certainly Not What’s Going On Today. It’s Got Churches And Banks Going Rogue, Coaches Getting Fired And Much More. All For Texas Tech To Move Forward. …

Think things are crazy now in college sports, think again… […]