The Wild And Crazy Totally True Story Of Texas Tech Football And The First Conference Realignment. No, Not The Big 12 And Certainly Not What’s Going On Today. It’s Got Churches And Banks Going Rogue, Coaches Getting Fired And Much More. All For Texas Tech To Move Forward. …

We didn’t figure we’d do a Daily Broadcast Saturday since it looks like the Pac 12 and Big 12 are in a period of Detente’ for at least a few days. With that as the backdrop though we thought we’d do a history lesson on Texas Tech’s first bout with Conference Realignment. It’s been going on for years in college sports. Anyone who thinks this is new hasn’t learned their history. That’s why we’re here for ya in Raiderland!

This is the True Story of how Texas Tech ended up in the SWC, after decades of fights, threats, bribes and coaches getting fired. All of it to move Texas Tech forward as a school. All of it before color television and anyone thinking their might be a college football playoff. And all at very high-stakes.

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