Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast (Video): Our First Fundamental Football Disagreement With Texas Tech HC Joey MCGuire. We Hope He’ll Still Respect Us In The Morning… Analytics and Texas Tech Football. What Does It Mean? Last Time For Texas To Ever Play In Lubbock, And We Have No Problem With That! Enjoy The Show, Share With Friends!

Brought to you in part by The Shropshire Agency. Locally owned, and Independent just like you and your business. Find out how hard they’re willing to fight to make sure you’re interests are protected in […]

One More Podcast

The One More Podcast: College Football Plays, NFL Sharp Numbers And What You Need To Know To Survive In-Game Betting On Thursday Night NFL Football… That Plus A Helluva Lot Of Great Conversation! It’s Fun, Fast And Like Nothing You’ve Heard!

It’s the podcast you want when you want One More. It’s very different from what we do on radio in Lubbock for our West Texas Friends. And that’s good. It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s […]

One More Podcast

The One More Podcast: The NFL Is Speaking, Are You Listening? College Football Games You’ve Got To Look At This Week Plus How Not To Handle Your Meat. It’s The Podcast You Want, When You Want “One More”!

Let’s talk football and food! […]

One More Podcast

The One More Podcast Featuring Carl Johnson, Bill Berman, Stevie ”Shrimp” & Ryan Hyatt: College Football Win Totals We Love/Hate & Why Futures Might Not Be For You! Berman On Yankees, Carl On NFL Preseason Totals & Stevie On Life, The Universe And Everything! It’s The Sports Podcast You Want When You Want ”One More”!

The show you didn’t know you loved. But you will! […]

One More Podcast

The One More Podcast with Carl Johnson, Bill Berman, Stevie Shrimp & Ryan Hyatt: TB12 MIA, Why Sharps Love NFL Preseason, Is In-Game Betting Playing With Fire Plus Berman & Michael Lombardi’s Date Night At The Yacht Club! It’s The Podcast You Never Knew You Loved And Needed!

Enjoy the show and share with your friends!

One More Podcast

The One More Podcast Featuring Carl Johnson, Bill Berman, Stevie Shrimp & Ryan Hyatt: Us Being Us! Berman On QB Contracts, The Crazy Kyler Murray Deal & NFL Teams Held Hostage By Bad Biz. Jic-Jac’s Vegas Memories & Did Hyatt Get Into Stevie’s Gummies??? We Can’t Make This Stuff Up! Enjoy And Share!

This week’s One More podcast gets into the value of QB’s vs NFL Salary Cap Percentage. We look at the Kyler Murray deal, the ”homework” provision and what it means on their win total and […]

One More Podcast

The One More Podcast with Carl Johnson, Bill Berman, Stevie Shrimp & Special Guest Former NFL GM/Current VSIN Host Michael Lombardi: NFC East Or Least? College Football Sleepers, Band You’d Follow Around For A Month And Much More! Always One More!

Keep your hands inside the ride at all times while the ride is moving! […]

Texas Tech

Notebook Wagering Podcast: Ryan Hyatt Was The Guest This Week With The Notebook Crew. Lots Of College Baseball, Big 12, West Texas Wisdom And More. A Lot Of Fun. Give It A Listen And A Share!

Y’all click this link for the podcast and give it a listen! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/college-sports-w-ryan-hyatt/id1545671432?i=1000563797709


The ”One More Podcast” Featuring Beau Rivage Race And Sports Book Director Carl Johnson, Bill ”The Bandit” Berman And Stevie Shrimp. Ryan Hyatt Just Holds It All Together! Tonight – We Fix The NBA ( No- NOT Like That!! ), Give You Horses For Courses In The PGA Championship And Actual Horses For The Preakness! That And Really Bad Guitar Playing. . . Enjoy And Share!

It’s the podcast you want, when you want One More! […]

One More Podcast

The Now Legendary 1 More Podcast: Featuring Ryan Hyatt, Carl Johnson, Bill Berman And Stevie Shrimp. This Week’s Guest – VSIN Contributor Will Hill. From NBA To MLB, Horse Racing To Food, TV And More, It’s The Podcast You Want When You Want One More!

The 1 More Podcast features Ryan Hyatt as host, Beau Rivage Sports and Race Book Director Carl Johnson from Biloxi, Bill Berman from New Jersey And Stevie Shrimp from where ever the shrimp and horses […]