The One More Podcast: The NFL Is Speaking, Are You Listening? College Football Games You’ve Got To Look At This Week Plus How Not To Handle Your Meat. It’s The Podcast You Want, When You Want “One More”!

Helluva show tonight with Carl Johnson, your Race & Sports Book Manager at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS; our man Bill Berman, who runs Ocean City, New Jersey while Michael Lombardi is out of town and Stevie Shrimp, who just prints money around New Orleans whether with crustaceans or horses… It’s the Podcast you never knew you loved, until you loved it. So, give it a listen tonight and then subscribe and share with friends. From NFL to College football and much more, y’all are gonna love this show each week during football season, so get started now!–betting-tips–NFL–Food-and-OneMore-e1mvjsm

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