Raiderland Rewind Texas Tech Football

Raiderland Rewind Presented By Thacker Jewelry: Texas Tech Controls Baylor 39-14 Showing What “Complimentary Football” Means! The 5 Sentence Summation. Warning! May Contain More Than 5 Sentences. . . (Live Show On Sunday!)

This is how it’s supposed to look… […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast: Biggest Concern For Texas Tech Football This Week? A Trip Back To 1978 And An Epic Texas Tech Upset Of #5 Houston – The Black Jersey Game. Two Favorite Female Singers Plus What’s Underrated This Week. Spectacular Viewer Participation. Well Done, Folks!

What do you mean I have to leave the buffet…. […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast(Free WiFi): What Does Texas Tech Gain By Playing A Tarleton St.? #AskCoachHyatt, Bandwagon Wednesday, TTUHSC Hires Corona Virus Failure/Scarf Advocate Birx. Why? Better Than Average Viewer Comments/Questions!

We had more than a few things to get to tonight. Might have gone Green-White-Checkered. […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast(No Math Involved): Texas Tech HC Joey McGuire Stands by Shough, Analytics, Praises Tech Fans And Grades His Own Coaching Job. Who Gets Your Helmet Sticker This Week? Tons Of Good To Above Average Viewer Comments/Questions.

I was told there would be no math involved…. […]

College Sports

Daily Broadcast(Free Labor): McGuire Understands Texas Tech Fans Response To Wyoming Loss, Invokes Tadlockian Theory Of Not Losing A Game Twice, Viewers Give Out Raiderland Helmet Stickers And We Talk Worst Jobs, NASCAR & Horse Racing On Labor Day. Big Show.

McGuire is just like a fan when it comes to post-game reactions… and that’s a good thing. […]