Raiderland Rewind Texas Tech Football

Raiderland Rewind – Presented By Thacker Jewelry: Texas Tech Runs Away From Houston, 49-28. Our Recap, Viewer Comments/Questions. Dominant Second Half/Run Game Get Tech First Big 12 Win.

Lots of good things for Tech fans to talk about after this one! […]

Culture/WEST TEXAS/America

9/29/23: Most Texan Thing You’ve Done This Week, Texas Tech vs Houston Prediction Day, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring A Great West Texas Sunrise, A Pirate Gets His Day And Happy Birthday To O.A. “Bum” Phillips!

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Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: OSU OR Houston, Which Makes A Better Big12 Rival For Texas Tech? Tech Football Alt-History, The One Where Tech Beat UH in 1976. Then What Happened! We Fix Presidential Debates And It Ain’t Hard. . .

Never know what might have happened. Actually, we do! […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast(1-HR Developing Available): Why No Quality Sports-Hate For UH By Texas Tech Fans? Bandwagon Wednesday. Most Texan Cities. Steak Fingers And Fries And We Relocate The State Capitol. Lots Going On.

This one went lots of places… buckle up. […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast: Biggest Concern For Texas Tech Football This Week? A Trip Back To 1978 And An Epic Texas Tech Upset Of #5 Houston – The Black Jersey Game. Two Favorite Female Singers Plus What’s Underrated This Week. Spectacular Viewer Participation. Well Done, Folks!

What do you mean I have to leave the buffet…. […]

Question O' The Day

9/26/23: Tuesday’s Best – It’s Ladies Night! Any Great Buffets Left? Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring “The” Houston Game, Aberg Ryder Cup Mania And A Lubbock Golf Course Coming To Life.

A ton of great hot-links for you today! […]