Raiderland Rewind Presented By Thacker Jewelry: Texas Tech Controls Baylor 39-14 Showing What “Complimentary Football” Means! The 5 Sentence Summation. Warning! May Contain More Than 5 Sentences. . . (Live Show On Sunday!)

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The Brazos still runs muddy, likes she’s run all along. . . – Robert Earl Keen, Jr.

Texas Tech went to a football game on the Brazos Saturday night and a riverside beating broke out

We’ll have a full, live Raiderland Rewind for y’all Sunday. Too late tonight to catch as many folks as we want to participate. So for now, here’s a few think pieces for y’all.

5 Sentence Summation ( WARNING. May Contain More Than 5 Sentences)

  1. Saturday night’s 39-14 win by Texas Tech in Waco over the Baylor Bears is the quintessential example of what Tech HC Joey McGuire means by “Complimentary Football” Everything Texas Tech did tonight on offense, defense and special teams fed off each other and strengthened what was taking place on the field in real-time. The run game set up the pass, the defense dictated to Baylor what they could and couldn’t do all night long and special teams pinned the Bears back numerous times, flipping the field and setting Tech up for success. That’s how this thing works.
  2. Tahj Brooks is quite simply the best running back I’ve seen in years when it comes to setting up blocks and allowing a play to develop, all while seeing the field open up and hitting daylight. It’s a gift and it is something few backs have. Enjoy it. Texas High School Football coaches should show tape every week to their backs on how Brooks turns nothing into something.
  3. Behren Morton can make all the throws a college quarterback needs to make. The other quarterbacks on the roster can’t. His Laser-Back-Shoulder TD pass early on didn’t get enough praise. His touch passes are deft and he can throw the WR screen with enough mustard to actually give that crappy play a chance. He’s good.
  4. Austin McNamara is a weapon and Joey McGuire used him perfectly Saturday night. Screw the analytics. Burn the chart. When you know your defense is controlling things and you’ve got a guy who can flip the field and allow you to dictate field position, you do it. McGuire did it tonight. It helped him win a game. Baylor ran 68% of their plays in their own end of the field Saturday. Punting instead of going for it was a huge reason. He’s a weapon. Use him. If it makes you feel better, put it on a chart and say the chart said to do it!
  5. Texas Tech was bigger, stronger, faster and more physical Saturday night than a Baylor team that dominated them a year ago in Lubbock in all those aspects. Texas Tech was also stronger and faster and better conditioned a week ago against Houston. This is a great sign and indicator that recruiting is paying off, the strength and conditioning plan is working and that it can only get better from here.

OK. Those are our “5 Sentences” for tonight. We’ll gather Sunday and have a Live show for you around 6:30 or so in the evening. We’ll let you know on Social Media the details. Feel free to add your own comments and questions here tonight. Gives us more to talk about Sunday.

Y’all be safe and thanks for being out there. Our 5 Things We Know On A Sunday column will greet you in the morning!