The Adventures Of Scout, The Cat-Dog: Why The Nice Lady Won’t Let Me Sit On The Humidity-Fryer. . .

Hyatt’s cat, Scout The Cat-Dog is writing again. This week, he’s more than a little perplexed about why he can’t sit on his favorite new chair.

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I have a new favorite thing to sit on and the Nice Lady here at my house won’t let me.

She hates me.

Ok, I don’t think she hates me, but she really doesn’t want me to enjoy the new chair they obviously bought me. I know they bought it for me because I love it so much and it’s so awesome and no one else can sit on it! It’s obvious.

So, this thing, I’m not sure exactly what it is other than a great place for me to sit on and look out the window in the room where the Nice Lady and the Old Guy sleep at night. And boy, one of them snores, but that’s a story for another day. I thought it was one of the Dog-Cats but it is for sure one of the people. But back to the sitting place. . .

So, the people put this in their room. I try and pay attention to what they say, but sometimes I zone-out and it’s just white noise. But this time they had my attention. First, they went to where the drinking stuff comes out and they filled it up with what they put in my bowl. That can’t be bad, but it for sure wasn’t something to drink from because they put a cap on it and then hooked it up to another contraption. So they put this whole thing on the table they put by their sleeping deal that I love to climb on. They don’t like it when I climb on it. They shouldn’t have put it by the sleeping deal and a window then. . .

So anyhow, they have this thing with the drinking stuff in it and then they plug it in. And it starts making noise! I like noise. And then… wait for it… it starts shooting some sort of mist or something out of the top of it into the room. It had my attention.

So I start paying attention to the Old Guy, who is really excited about this thing, and the Nice Lady and what they are saying. I finally figure out they’re calling it a Humidity Fryer. Yep. That’s it. Humidity Fryer.

I have no idea why they like it so much because neither of them have figured out what it’s best for.

You sit on it!

It is amazing.

It shoots out something from the contraption. It takes the drinking stuff and then it makes it come out the top and then you sit on it and … well, let’s just say it’s a very pleasant experience for a Cat-Dog.

But, the Nice Lady does not agree with me. Every time I sit on the Humidity Fryer she gets mad.

That’s how I know she hates me now.

If she loved me, she’d let me sit on this amazing chair, again, obviously bought for me because no one else in my house is sitting on it! The Dog-Cats just ignore it. Further proof they’re not very smart. If they only knew the joy of… whatever it is I’m feeling when I sit on the Humidity Fryer; they’d knock it over like the clumsy animals they are…

So here I am, sitting at the writing-box that the Old Guy uses all the time trying to appeal to you folks to tell the Nice Lady to let me sit on the Humidity Fryer. Put in a good word for me. I’ve been really good this week.

Why just the other night I could tell the Old Guy and the Nice Lady were bored, just lying there in their sleeping thing not making a sound. I couldn’t allow that. I wanted them to be happy so I got one of my favorite plastic balls that makes a ton of noise when I play with it and started rolling it around all over their sleeping room. I could tell they loved it because they both got very excited and couldn’t wait to thank me by taking the ball away, I guess so they could play with it themselves! It’s those moments that I know I chose the right people to live with.

Well, the Old Guy is looking at me funny and I think he wants the writing-box back. Fair enough. I’ve got things to sit on. I hear them talking about something called a crockpot in the food room. It smells great. Wonder if I can sit on it. I’ll report back next week.

-Scout, The Cat-Dog