The Daily Broadcast: Texas Governor Issues Travel Restrictions On New York, Conn. NJ & New Orleans – And We’re Good With That! NCAA, Big 12 Bleeding $$$ Plus Latest On Lubbock & Coronavirus.

Looking for great Louisiana style cooking in Lubbock? Sure you are! No need to be bland just because you’re socially distant right now. You need Gators Bayou, 98th and Slide Road. Call for take-out, lunch or supper. You’ll be glad you did. Make it spicy, Make it Gators!

The Thursday Broadcast looks at Texas Gov. Abbott’s travel restrictions placed on folks flying in from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New Orleans, which is like a state but different. We like what the Gov. is doing here!

After that it’s the latest on Lubbock and the coronavirus impact plus a look at the NCAA and Big 12 bleeding cash after missing out on the basketball tournaments and all that entails.

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