The Daily Broadcast: Friday Night Lubbock Coronavirus Update Via Mayor’s Reality TV Show, MLB Draft Impact On College Baseball & What My Wife Made Today. That Plus A Ton Of Great Comments.

Another great day in West Texas and another great Daily Broadcast thanks to you guys!

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We finish up the week looking at the latest impact of the Coronavirus on Lubbock and the sports world plus some thoughts on the MLB Draft changes and how it will affect Texas Tech and college baseball. Add in your comments and it was a fun Friday show!

As for Lubbock, the city press conferences with the Mayor are becoming like a reality TV show. Not sure it’s helping things around these parts. Watch the broadcast and if you agree, post your comments below or on Twitter. If you think I’m wrong, you let me know too. I’m married. I get told I’m wrong all the time.

Also, if everyone who watches this shares it, that would be cool this weekend. I’d love to grow our little community even more during these strange days of folks home all the time. So let your friends know what we’re up to and we’ll see you Saturday in Raiderland. Broadcast time TBA.