The Daily Broadcast ( Video killed the radio star… ): Texas Tech Basketball, Big 12 Hoops And A Lot Of Music Talk. From MTV To The Nashville Network, CMT and More, Give Us The Better Decade For Music! The 80s Vs. The 90s!!! Enjoy And Share With A Friend!

Brought to you in part by McAlpin Chiropractic and Golf USA. Can’t golf if you’ve got a bad back. McAlpin can help!

We had a blast visiting with folks tonight on everything from Texas Tech basketball to great music from the 1980s and 1990s. Which decade was better? We tried to sort it out tonight. Hope you’ll enjoy the show and then post a few comments below about your thoughts and favorite songs, bands and the decade you loved! See y’all on radio Friday from 11-2 on Talk 103.9 FM in Lubbock and ESPN 960 in San Angelo.