5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Coffee Creamer Conundrum, New Kid In Town, Power Rank Thanksgiving Sides, Cat-Dog Christmas, An Old Camera Is Worth A Thousand Words. Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. One thing I know, no matter what flavor of coffee creamer my wife wants me to get here from the store and it’s selection of 251 different versions of creamer, they will not have that EXACT creamer. I see it each week, several befuddled men, standing around the dairy section with a list or on their phone trying to find the latest version of caramel mocha Swiss Irish coconut blueberry mint creamer. It will not be there. You just try to get close and hope she forgets what was on the list. She does not. Oh for the days of, “cream or sugar”. That was your choice! Progress. . .
  2. The Eagles never recorded a better song than, “New Kid In Town”.
  3. Top 3 Thanksgiving Side-Dishes: No.3. Fried Okra. Fried okra should be served at any and all meaningful meals. No. 2. Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes don’t show up often enough during the year. Sweet potato fries are also acceptable in this slot. No. 1. Ham. Always have ham available for the 97% of the people attending your Thanksgiving meal who reject turkey as a legitimate main-course!
  4. At one point in your life, Christmas decorations are determined by what your child can get to get their little hands on. At another point, it comes down to what the cat and dogs can reach and destroy. We may end up painting a Christmas Tree on a big rock and calling it good.
  5. I miss taking pictures with a “real” camera. I still have my fully manual Pentax K-1000. I was never a Photographer, but I could take a pretty decent shot now and then. I was fascinated by great sports photography. Walter Iooss Jr. was my inspiration. In fact, I still have an undeveloped roll of FujiColor Superia X-Tra 400 speed film in my desk. I wonder if I should get it developed. I wonder how to get it developed! The camera on my i-phone is technologically better than my old SLRs, but there was something fun about learning how to meter light, utilize film speed and aperture as well as just the art of composition. Can I take a better “picture” now? Probably. Is it as fun? Nope.