What We’re Thinking About Today, Is_____. May 22, 2020.

What we’re thinking about today is . . .What if.

I normally don’t like to “What If” life, but in this case it makes for an interesting discussion.

What are your Top 3 “What If” story-lines from the coronavirus shut-down in the world of sports? It could be Texas Tech related or anything else. What if the NCAA Tournament had gone on? Would Texas Tech have made the field Would they have gotten hot at the right time?

What about the Red Raider baseball team? Where would they be right now during the week of the Big 12 Tournament

Tiger Woods back at August?

NASCAR with a 42-year old Kevin Harvick dominating?

The Texas Rangers in first place? (OK, let’s not get crazy)

So, give me your Top 3 “What If” storylines during this shutdown.

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