1/9/24: Tuesday’s Best – Texas Tech Basketball, Best Thing You Ever Ate Green Chilies Style, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Red Raider Hoops, Robert Earl Keen, Rock Paintings And David Crockett Writing Home

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Happy Tuesday, y’all!

We say farewell to college football now that Michigan snoozed their way past Washington in the championship game of America’s Favorite “Rigged” Sport. We’ll talk about that more later on the commentary and Daily Broadcast. . .

Now we’re free to completely focus on the legitimate world of college basketball and NFL Playoffs. Speaking of which, the Red Raiders are in action tonight against Oklahoma State here in the Hubbaplex at 7pm. We’ll see if they can “stack success” in the Big 12 as one Kansas State assistant coach likes to say. Texas Tech is an 8.5 point favorite as we write this morning. That’s a pretty hefty line in conference play. If they win by more than that, consider me impressed again. OSU is not very good right now and there’s rumbling in Stillwater that Mike Boynton is losing some support. We’ll see. For some reason it seems like some random OSU player shows up in Lubbock and goes bonkers hitting threes. . .

Tuesday’s Best

Each Tuesday we ask you to give us the best two examples of a certain topic. With Texas Tech back in action in Lubbock tonight for Big 12 play, give us the Two Best Texas Tech Basketball Games You’ve Seen In Lubbock During The Big 12 Era. That takes you back to 1997 for those scoring at home, or even if you’re by yourself. I’ve got a few in mind. One of them was actually a loss. We’ll discuss tonight on the Daily Broadcast around 6:30 LIVE on Twitter/X, YouTube and our Facebook page. See you then.

Best Thing I Ever Ate ( Hat tip Food Network for a great show )

After spending last week I feel like I’ve had nearly as many green chilies as a man can eat. I said nearly. After a day or two off, I’m ready to get back in the mix. Give us the Best Things You’ve Ever Had Green Chilies On today. For Lubbock, is it a burger or a Mexican Food restaurant? Give us your favorite uses of the little green fella! Who utilizes them the best in your opinion. We need to help everyone in Raiderland know the best spots go go, so get to posting in the comments.

Raiderland Hot-Links

Always on the look out for cool stuff for y’all. Be sure to post your own links if you see something Raiderland folks would like. Don’t be bashful! Share!

A little Robert Earl Keen and “Levelland” to close it out today….