10/18/23: Bandwagon Wednesday – Texas Tech Band, Delusional Fan Bases, Raiderland Hot-Links, Tech Pom Star Brenley Is Back, Bum Phillips And NASCAR Coolness From Mike Joy!

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Happy Wednesday, y’all!

Another week is flying by. We’re just clicking days off by the minute. In fact, we’re on the minute to minute countdown for the start of Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies! They start Friday morning. Our long national nightmare is over! That and all of a sudden you’ve got fewer rather than more football games to play in college and high school. That happened fast. Let’s get the day going we got a lot of stuff going on in Raiderland today

Delusional Fans

Listening to my guys in the desert this morning on VSiN and heard Mitch and Pauly on Follow The Money refer to a certain college football fan-base as “delusional”. Which gives us our question for today. When it comes to college fans in general, sport-by-sport, which fans are the most delusional when it comes to their programs and where they rank in the pecking order of sports. Y’all can post your answers in the comment section below. We’ll see if anyone guesses who they were talking about. We’ll kick this topic around tonight on the Daily Broadcast around 6:30ish. Join us then on Twitter Live, Facebook and/or our YouTube channel.

Bandwagon Wednesday

Created by a listener to our old radio show, Bandwagon Wednesday gives you a chance to tell the world what you’re into or supporting this week, sports or otherwise. Sometimes you also have to tell folks bandwagons you’re getting off. Cowboys fans, that’s you. So fire away.

In the meantime, why not a video of the Texas Tech Goin’ Band From Raiderland on Wednesday to get your week going. Here’s their Kansas State show for those who missed it. Hat Tip Tech fan and Raiderland veteran Adarryl Jordon for posting each game!

Via Adarryl Jordan.

Raiderland Hot-Links

Each day we bring you all the interesting links, tweets and videos we’ve seen over the last day. If we like it, we figure you will too. If you see something during the day, share it in our comment section. Don’t keep the good stuff all to yourself!