11/22/23: Enchantment Under The Sea – Texas Tech Basketball Vs. Villanova, Bandwagon Wednesday, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring – West Texas Greatness, Tom Landry, Bum Phillips And Stubb’s BBQ Making Thanksgiving Look Good

Brought to you in part by The Reserve, A Culinary Tavern in Lubbock. 103rd and Quaker, amazing eats, great drinks and a cool place to watch a Texas Tech game. With the sound ON!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

We’ve got a lot of great days coming up. Love this time of year. Tech Hoops today, Thanksgiving tomorrow, Tech Football Friday and then on to the weekend of CFB and NFL games plus more hoops. Not a bad way to really get into the holiday mood.

We’ll be back tonight around 6:30ish for Roundball Rewind/Daily Broadcast and we’ll recap Tech and Nova from the Battle of Atlantis. Disappointed this isn’t actually played underwater. We have the technology. Key for me will be Tech’s ability to not put Nova to the line and limit their 3-pointers. Get long rebounds and run on them and I think Tech can get this win. Early 3-point underdogs, smart folks think Tech is the right side today. We’ll all find out together.

Bandwagon Wednesday

Each Wednesday we celebrate the things we’re supporting and the things we just can’t get behind. Created by a listener to the old show, we call it Bandwagon Wednesday. Which ones are you one this week and which one’s are you off?

ON: Ham, pizza, fajitas, tacos or chili dogs for Thanksgiving. The French fries at Grumps in Stephenville. Egg Nog. 49ers to win the NFC.

OFF: Driving I-20 from Roscoe to anywhere going East. Done with it. Crowded grocery stores. KC Chiefs 2nd half offense. No adjustments. Turkey. Cats and Christmas Trees.

Raiderland Hot-Links

We see it, we like it, we post it. Share your own cool links in the comment section. Like where you’re gonna tell us about your bandwagons today.