2/19/24: Helmet Sticker Monday, Texas Tech Baseball, Tech Hoops, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Tim Tadlock, Bill Gogolewski, Sunrise At The Alamo And Josh Abbott Sings About His

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Happy Monday, y’all!

If you wanted a busy weekend of Texas Tech sports and more, you got it. Great to have baseball back. We recapped the weekend with Diamond Talk – Presented by Thacker Jewelry, so if you’re looking for a deeper dive on the Red Raiders check it out. Same thing with Tech MBB after the loss at ISU. Check out Roundball Rewind from Saturday. We will break down both of those teams and get your thoughts on the weekend and the week ahead tonight on the Daily Broadcast LIVE at 6:30 on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Pick a platform and join the show.

As for the Red Raider MBB team, the loss really didn’t cost them much overall. They went into the weekend as a 6-seed on HoopsHD.com. Today they’ll start the week as the top 7-seed, so really not much change at all. With winnable games coming up this week vs TCU at home and then UCF on the road Tech can improve back to the 6-line. Plenty of time I think for Texas Tech to get all the way to the 4-line, but it will take a healthy team and Pop Isaacs getting his 3-point shot back. If that doesn’t happen, this team is severely limited against quality competition. . .

Raiderland Helmet Stickers

Who gets yours for being awesome? Here’s a few folks we’re handing them out to today!

  1. Joe Toussaint. Nice to see hime make a solid impact Saturday in the loss at ISU. He was one of the few on the floor who didn’t look completely lost in the first half. He’s a gritty guy you need in March.
  2. Tech SS T.J. Pompey. He’s big and fast and he hits the ball. He’s as advertised. That’s a good thing.
  3. Mac McClung. Dunk Specialist. He jumped over Shaq, could have jumped a shack, and won another NBA dunk contest. Because all former Red Raiders do now is win big event. We need someone from Tech to join an NHL team and make it complete this June.
  4. Nancy Sharp. Future Lubbock Independent School Board member. She’ll run unopposed this Spring for the seat. She’ll do great things for the district. Lubbock needs her and I’m excited for what she’ll do for the City. That she happens to be my cousin is just an added bonus!
  5. East Carolina baseball player sophomore Parker Boyd. Got an at bat this weekend. Did we mention he’s got an artificial leg? First ever in a college baseball game. Fittingly Boyd walked. First ever with a prosthetic leg to play in a DI game they say. Deserve more than a Raiderland Sticker!

Now, go post yours in the comment section and we’ll talk about them tonight on the Daily Broadcast.

Raiderland Hot-Links

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