12/26/23: Tuesday’s Best-Texas Tech Stories In 2023, Best Thing You Ate This Weekend, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Lots Of Christmas, A Good Shootin’ Techsan & WWF At Its Best

Brought to you in part by Raiderland’s Home Away From Home when in Red River, New Mexico. Mere feet from the Ski Area and of course, a river runs through. A very cold river right now!

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Happy 2nd Day of Christmas! (Sing along if you know the words…)

You made it!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and that you’re ready to close out 2023 strong with us here in Raiderland. We’ve still got lots of time to do great things here in 2023, so don’t give away any days here at the end of the year.

We had a fine Monday even though it felt like Sunday all day long. We hosted Christmas lunch here at the Raiderland Compound and my wife made a tremendous Mexican Food casserole. I’m a huge fan of “non-traditional” meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Eat what you love! It’s supposed to be fun. And fun it was. The people make it fun.

Now, we only have to fight the battle of going to the grocery store for New Year’s Eve. Don’t worry. United Market Street has got you covered. I went on Christmas Eve, Eve and Christmas Eve and didn’t just survive, but thrived. They know how to handle the crush of people. I only knocked one old woman down the whole time. She didn’t want the heavy cream near as much as I did. You got to want it. Also we give a special salute to all the Dads and anyone else out there who helped out Santa Claus on the “some assembly required” toys. You’re true Raiderland Warriors. We’ve been there. It gets easier guys! Some day, that will be a gift card. You’ll miss the “some assembly required” toys. Trust me.

Let’s get this week rolling!

Tuesday’s Best

Each Tuesday we give you a topic and you give us your two best examples. As we finish up the year, we’ll spend the next few days looking back over 2023. Today we want you to tell us:

What were the Two Best sports stories for Texas Tech Fans in 2023?

The best, coolest, most inspirational stories for you Red Raider Fans, rank them today with you Two Best.

I look forward to seeing what y’all loved this year. Post in the comments below. We’ll discuss tonight LIVE on the Daily Broadcast at 6:30 on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook Live. Your choice, just make sure you join in each evening and get your comments and questions in! Make you’re following along on each of those platforms so you never miss anything we do in Raiderland!

Best Thing I Ever Ate

Hat-Tip always to Food Network and their great show by the same name!

We’re always talking food in Raiderland. On Tuesday we make it official and go Best Of. Today, give us the single greatest dish, meal, snack or appetizer you had over the past Christmas weekend. Anyone who mentions my queso gets bonus points! Also, peanut brittle counts in my world as an appetizer. My Father In-Law’s steak execution was perfect on Sunday night. Maybe some of the best I’ve ever had. No need for a knife, just used it to be polite.

So, what was the Best Thing You Ate over the weekend? Hit us below in the comments.

Raiderland Hot-Links

We find cool stuff on the internet we like. We post it here. Simple. You can add your own and we hope you do. Just post in the comments for all our Raiderland Friends to enjoy.

Former Red Raider and NFL #1 pick Dave Parks in action!