Allen Corbin Makes A MOCK AP Football Poll Ballot And Finds Out Don Williams Isn’t Crazy, Mean Or Without Football Smarts…

I Made a Mock AP College Football Poll Ballot and it was dangerously close to the Don Williams Poll There are some traditions that will never die on Sunday; People loving the Lord and unhinged […]

Big 12

Three Things The Big 12 Has That The Pac 12 Doesn’t Have Right Now And Why The Big 12 Can Take Or Leave Pac 12 Schools . . .

Brought to you in part by our great friends in Raiderland at The Shropshire Agency, go vote for them for Best In Lubbock when it comes to Independent Insurance Agents! No matter what some national […]

American Bad-Ass

There’s The Way It Was And The Way We Remember It. Raiderland’s Official Historian, George Thatcher Ruminates On Sports Heroes Growing Up And Sports Heroes Today. Enjoy And Share With A Friend!

Pay attention, you might learn something! […]

Daily Broadcast

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State. Texas Tech is playing on house-money right now. No down-side, only up-side for the Red Raiders. Here’s our prediction. Give us yours and invite your friends to join us this weekend for Raiderland Rewind after the game!

Nothing but upside for Tech this weekend! […]