2/22/23: Either/Or Thursday, Lady Raiders Fight Hard In Austin, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Old Tech Football Helmets, Do You Believe In Miracles And The Dirty Dozen

As USSR backup Goalie Vladislav Tretjak (20) contemplates his team's loss, Team USA celebrate their 4-3 upset defeat of the Soviets at the XIII Winter Olympics on February 22, 1980, at Lake Placid, N.Y.

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Happy Thursday Y’all

It still feels like this week is going slow. Don’t know why. We’ve had great action nearly every day of the week so far from Texas Tech Baseball to Tech MBB and the Lady Raiders. Oh well. I guess we can make it until the home opener tomorrow for Tech Baseball…

Speaking of the Lady Raiders, they fought like hell last night in the final trip to Austin against #5 Texas. Proud for them. I’ll talk more about the state of the program in today’s 60 Seconds of Raiderland commentary. So check it out.

Let’s get on with the day. And if you missed last night’s Daily Broadcast, go watch the replay. We had a lot of great conversation with folks. Make sure you join the next show!

Either/Or Thursday

Each Thursday we send a few questions your way. Tough choices must be made! Post your answers in the comment section below and show all your work!!

What’s more annoying? Either your cell phone not working; OR nearly anything else in your life not working….

Lot’s of frustrated folks around the country today with massive outages for cell carriers and whatnot. I woke up and it was 1998. At least some of us older folks have a little experience in this realm.

What’s the better “Old” Texas Tech hangout? Either “The Spoon”; OR Spanky’s. Both have been around long enough to garner several generations of loyal Tech fans. I know lots of folks when they come back to Lubbock, they want to hit either spot. So, which gets your vote and why? I’ll take some fried cheese and a cherry bomb to go!

Raiderland Hot-Links

We see it, we think y’all will like, we post it here each morning. You can share cool stuff for others in Raiderland too, just post in the comments.

Be sure you stay til the end of the feature on the Rangers… very interesting words were said…