Happy Thanksgiving From Raiderland! Here’s A Few Totally And Completely Random Things We Are Thankful For! Some Serious, Some For Fun, But Thankful For All Of Them! We Hope You’ll Add Your Own Comments And Share With Friends! Thanks For Being Out There In Raiderland! Enjoy The Day!

First and foremost, thanks to all of y’all for being out there and being a part of what we do in Raiderland! We can’t thank you enough for taking time to read, watch, listen and comment on what we do here! We sincerely hope y’all are having a great day with friends and family.

That said, let’s talk about things we are thankful for. I freely admit, I sometimes overlook the small things in life. I’m not Thankful enough until I get reminded of things. So today, I’m gonna try and put together a list of things I’m Thankful for this year, big, small and in-between. Let’s get started! (After you read my list, that’s when you post your comments below and add yours! )

Things We’re Thankful For In 2022

The local 7-11 by our radio station added Vitamin Water to the fountain drink this past year. Game changer. I’m now doing much more water and 2X less Diet Coke. Also, for a Super Gulp price of 2.05 I’m saving about 50% on buying the Vitamin Water by the bottle. Thankful

I get to watch my son play Texas High School Football. He’s pretty darn good. Thankful

For now at least, I can look off my porch and see the sun go down most nights without it being obscured by houses and lights, minus the highway in the far distance. The days are closing in, now doubt where that view will go away, but for now I love the miles and miles of West Texas I get to see each day. Thankful

Whataburger. Thankful

I get to talk to my Mom each morning. I know a lot of folks don’t. Thankful

My wife is a great cook, even though she doesn’t think she is. Pasta! Thankful

I was born in Amarillo and grew up in the Panhandle/South Plains of West Texas. Thankful

Everyday from 11-1 I get to do fun radio with a fine talent in Rob Breaux. Lots of folks never get to work with people that talented. I’ve been lucky. I’ve worked with two guys like that now, both very different. From Don Williams to Rob Breaux, I feel like I’ve worked with the best Lubbock’s had to offer the last 30 some odd years. Thankful

Chris LeDoux. Thankful

I have amazing In-Laws. A lot of guys just seem to tolerate them. I’m lucky! I embrace them for embracing me! Also, my Mother In-Law makes the best fried okra you’ll ever have. Bonus. Thankful

Thin crust pepperoni pizza. Dominos. Thankful

When I drive into Lubbock from the house, I get some quiet time each day. Little traffic for the most part. Lots of windshield sky to look at and pretty country. I get to take a moment and set my day. There’s a small stretch of road each day I say a little prayer. It centers me. Everyone needs that moment I think for their day to begin. Thankful

I have a son in high school and not only does he have a part-time job, he actually wants to work more. Thankful

Willie Price and his holiday pies. Jack Daniels Pecan. Chocolate Cream. If you live in #Lubbock and you don’t get his pies, you’re miss out. Goodness! Thankful

My wife likes to sleep with the window open. I do to. I sleep next to the window though, so this time of year can only be thankful until me and the dogs start to freeze. Still…. Thankful

We’ve got a new addition to the family this year. Cat-Dog. Cat-Dog is making things interesting. Don’t tell my wife, but I kinda like Cat-Dog. Cat-Dog may even start writing a weekly column here. Working with his agent. Thankful

Speaking of dogs, we’ve got a 13-year old Mini Schnauzer named Sushi. She’s old and cranky and has her problems. She gets up to go outside 2-27 times a night. She snores. She doesn’t always make it outside before she has to do what she needed to go outside for. She’s my son’s First Dog. I love old dogs. Thankful

Peanut M&M’s. Thankful

I’ve got friends that I might only see once or twice a year. Sometimes less. But when I see them, it’s like we just saw each other last week. Everyone needs a few folks like that in their lives. Typically, these are the same folks who know just enough damning stories about you that you know about them, so you both keep each other from saying too much about anything! Thankful

My mom can make my grandmother’s dressing better than my grandmother. Thankful. (Need this made more than once or twice a year… working on this )

I got to grow up when you could see all the Charlie Brown TV specials on TV. . . Thankful

Tex-Mex food. Can’t imagine living somewhere I couldn’t get great Tex-Mex. Thankful

NORAD Santa Tracker Website. Yep. That’s right. I’m a junkie. Love it. When my son was little I found it. I still boot it up each Christmas season. It’s way cool. If it existed when I was 8 years old I would have never gone to bed. Check it out this year if you have little around. Thankful

Speaking of Christmas, love watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas Movies with my wife. Thankful

I’m thankful I get to share this space with y’all each day and have time on radio and our other media outlets. Y’all make it fun. So to you, I say I am Thankful! Enjoy the day and if you want to, you can share this and add your comments as well.

Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. Excellent column Hyatt…brought tears to my eyes.

    Sitting here after a Cowboys win (Thankful!) with my 7-year old Mini Schnauzer…what a character.

    Beat OU!

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