2/23/24: Most Texan Thing You’ve Done This Week, Baseball Back In Town, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Austin Green & Kyle Robinson, Live From The Moon, The Alamo & Stubbs On Letterman

Brought to you in part by Premier Sportsplex. The Game Is On!

Happy Friday Y’all

The Boys Are Back In Town.

No. Not The Maines Brothers Band, although that would be awesome, but Texas Tech Baseball is back at The Law starting Friday at 2PM. Got a weekend set with Texas Southern and the weather looks pretty darn decent for late February. If you’re out there this weekend and you see us ambling about, give out a yell and we can talk baseball.

We’ll talk about baseball and Tech MBB heading to UCF tonight around 6:30ish on The Daily Broadcast. Don’t miss the show. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Most Texan Thing

You know by now we have one standing order in Raiderland on Fridays. We ask you what was The Most Texan Thing you did this past week. Big or small, usually big if it’s really a Texan thing, we love to hear about it. You got to share Texas!

So, what qualifies for you?

As for me, I headed out Thursday around noon to get the mail carrier unstuck on one of our dirt roads. Not muddy, but too sandy from the blowing dirt the last few days. It happens. So, if you had to help get your mailman unstuck this week, you might be from West Texas!

Raiderland Hot-Links

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