The Raiderland Podcast: Radio, But Better!!! Recap Of Texas Tech Beatdown Of Bears, Hyatt’s “Radio Mentor” Comes Into The Studio To Talk Tech Sports And More, Plus Great Listener Feedback. Give It A Listen And See Y’all Friday in Raiderland On The Radio! Talk 103.9 FM In Lubbock And ESPN 960 In San Angelo!

Someone had to get Hyatt into radio. Now you know who to blame! […]


What Did You Learn This Week? From Sports To Politics, Food To Fun… What Did You Learn? From Hankering For A Really Crazy Burger To Freezing To Death Getting Gas. . . Hat Tip, Chad Hasty, Moderately Famous Lubbock Radio Host! Post Your Comments Here!

I know I want a large, large burger…. […]


Are Texas Tech Fans Capable Of Being A “Have” Instead Of A “Have Not” Athletics Program? Is “From Here It’s Possible” A Cheap Slogan, Or Does It Really Mean Something In West Texas? Do Some Texas Tech Fans Want Built In Excuses For Failure?

We look forward to your thoughts and hope you share it with a Red Raider friend or two. […]

Big 12

It’s Immoral For Colleges To Keep Testing Healthy Young People For No Reason! Texas Tech Must Lead The Way And Announce NO MORE TESTING Of Healthy Athletes . . . (And Other Students) Why And How Texas Tech Can Embrace Science And Data For America!

Let’s use Science and Data to Lead! […]


New Feature! Starting This Week, We’ll Give You A West Texas Pic O’ The Week. Maybe On Thursday’s… Maybe Not. But… We Want You To Contribute As Well… Here’s How!

If you want to get a great pic of West Texas featured here on our site and the on our Twitter Feed ( @RyanHyattMedia ) then let us know. You can send it to us […]