Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Time To Open Lubbock Up For Business, The Numbers Back It Up! Best QB/WR Combos At Texas Tech & NFL, You’re Comments, Questions And Critique Of My Hair. Enjoy!

Politics, Football, Fun. Doubt you’ll get this anywhere else Red Raider fans…. […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Lubbock’s New Economic Recovery “TaskForce” Short On Biz Owners, Coronavirus Numbers Great Again In Hubbaplex, Oil Crash Will Impact Texas Tech – Time To Open Up Lubbock!

Did we talk more NBA than we’ve talked ever? Yes. Yes we did. Thanks Michael Jordan…. […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Amazingly Great Lubbock Coronavirus Numbers, Abbott Shuts Down Texas Schools For Good, Last Sporting Event You Attended Plus Your Great Friday Comments.

Schools out for summer and many elected officials are out for lunch. . . Happy Friday from Raiderland! […]


Dear Lubbock, You Don’t Have To Submit – How Folks In West Texas Have Reached The “Or What?” Portion Of The Forced Business Shut-Down And What They Can Do.

When faced with losing your business, losing your ability to pay your employees and maybe losing your home and going bankrupt, a citation and and fine and yes, jail-time; doesn’t look that bad compared to the alternative. […]