The Daily Broadcast: Time To Open Lubbock Up For Business, The Numbers Back It Up! Best QB/WR Combos At Texas Tech & NFL, You’re Comments, Questions And Critique Of My Hair. Enjoy!

It’s a Daily Broadcast with lots of fun, lots of football and lots of frank talk about Lubbock, Coronavirus and why it’s time to go back to work. We’ve shared the pain. Now it’s time for those who are willing and able to work for those who can’t and won’t.

We’re brought to you tonight by McAlpin Chiropractic. If I’d trust my son, and I have, with Kevin McAlpin; I’m not sure what better endorsement I can give.

So, we’ve got a lot to unpack. Let’s get to it. You watch it then feel free to comment either here on on our Twitter feed. Our operators are standing by!

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Thanks for watching. Hyatt