4/18/24: Either/Or Thursday, Texas Tech Baseball Is Doomed… Wait, They’re Not! Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Texas Tech Football, Tech Cheer, Charlie Hough And Loud Lubbock Trains. . .

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Happy Thursday, Y’all !

As we said on Diamond Talk Wednesday night, Texas Tech Baseball is soooo close, yet still tooo far away from being a really good team. Just playing Arkansas helped the RPI. A win in either game would have shot Texas Tech up to the 20s for sure. As of this morning, Texas Tech sits at 33 in the D1 Baseball rankings. That’s up 1 over the last seven days and well inside the cut-line for NCAA Tournament.

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Either/Or Thursday

Tough choices will be made today. So let’s get after it. You gotta choose one here.

When it comes to Texas Tech Baseball this season, what has been the bigger issue? Either clutch hitting; OR consistent pitching? Which has loomed larger to you this year as a restricting factor to high-level success.

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