5/14/24: Tuesday’s Best – Graduation Speakers, Raiderland Hot-Links A New Texas Tech MBB Coach, Nolan Ryan, The Clash & Moonlighting

Brought to you in part by Gator’s Bayou on 98th and Slide in Lubbock. Hot cajun food, cold drinks and all the Texas Tech games including this week’s series at Tempe! Stop by and get some cajun fired cheese curds. You’ll thank us later.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

We knocked out the final even pre-graduation for our son last night with his last athletics banquet. Congrats to all those recognized and all the parents who went through it all with their kids! Now on to Friday!

That means we’re back in action tonight on The Daily Broadcast. We’ve got Texas Tech Baseball, golf and much more to get into.

So, you know what to do. Join us LIVE at 6:30 on Twitter, YouTube and or Facebook. Your choice. We love your comments and questions. Even the dumb ones!!!! See y’all then.

Tuesday’s Best

Each Tuesday we give you a topic, you give us your two best examples.

Today, let’s talk about graduation speakers. Tis the season.

Give us the best best you’ve heard in person or the two best speakers you’d like to see give a commencement address.

I’ll give you mine tonight. After this weekend at Duke, might have to move Jerry Seinfeld up in my rankings!!!! So go post your nominations in the comments below. Love those comments each day!

Raiderland Hot-Links

Each day we’re serving ’em up hot. The best links around Raiderland!