5/15/23 Question O’ The Day: What Random Skills, Practical Or Otherwise, Do You Wish You Possessed.

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Was watching an episode of Man V. Food this weekend and Casey Webb was in the kitchen with a pizza expert. The guy was tossing dough like it was nothing. And it was. To him

I’d love to be able to do that. It’s one of may things that are random skills that I don’t have that I’d love to possess. So, seeing that, we have your Question O’ The Day:

What random skills do you wish you had, practical or otherwise?

In addition to throwing a cool looking pizza dough in the air, I wouldn’t mind being able to rope. It’s not anything that would come in handy every day for me, but you never know living in West Texas when you might be called upon as an emergency header. It could happen. I’d wish I could read music. I can play guitar by sound. A little piano. Not much.

So, what random skills do you wish you had? Bonus if you tell us some random skills you do possess. Post your comments below and be sure to share this with your friends!