5/23/23 Question O’ The Day: 2Word2sDay – Give Us Two Words To Describe__________.

Brought to you in part by Abuelo’s Mexican Food Restaurant in Lubbock. It’s not just Tacos on Tuesday! Also by our friends at Arctic Air. Air not cold enough for ya? Call The Bear!

Happy Tuesday from Raiderland! Every Tuesday with hit you with a 2Word Topic. Think about writing a headline, that’s what we are asking you to do. It’s not difficult. Until it is. After you give us two words to describe the topic, feel free to expand and expound upon your answer. See y’all tonight around 6:30ish for the Daily Broadcast. If you ever miss one, we’ve got it archived for you right here!

Today’s Topic: Give us Two Words to describe your “fan-relationship with the Texas Rangers. Are you a fan? How long have you been a fan? Who are your all-time favorite players? Do you believe this team will make the play-offs? Have some fun Rangers fans. Today is your day in Raiderland. (Unlike the Rangers, we’ll actually start Josh Jung today… )



  1. Two word Tuesday:
    Pessimistically Loyal

    Favorite Rangers all-time are Adrian Beltre, Pudge, and of course Nolan Ryan.

    I think the Rangers will make the playoffs this season. If they can fix the bullpen then they’re contenders for the Pennant.

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