5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Dance Like Someone Is Watching! Old Movies That Need A Sequel Like Top Gun! Tater Tots And A Tribute To The Highly Motivated New 16-Year Old In Our House! What Would You Do To Take Your Driver’s Test In Your Favorite Truck??? Enjoy, Comment And Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. The old saying is, ”Dance like no one is watching”. I beg to differ. I think we should embrace what little kids do. I think we should Dance like we know someone is watching, and we just don’t care.In fact, they seem to love it that folks are in fact, watching them dance! If you’ve ever seen a 4-year old dance, you’ll understand. That to me, is much more empowering than the other way around. So, dance a little this week and know someone is watching, and that’s OK!
  2. I hate it that I can’t watch The Cosby Show anymore and enjoy it. Damn you Bill Cosby, you selfish SOB!
  3. Top 3 Old Movies That Need A Sequel Like Top Gun: Maverick. That movie proves it’s awesome to wait 30-years or more to do a sequel. So, here’s our nominations for what’s next!!! No. 3 Sixteen Candles. What happened after her Junior year? How did college go. When did she realize he was into dudes and not her? Oh wait. That’s a spoiler alert. … No. 2 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. We assume Cameron went off twisted and ended up in jail, right? As for Ferris and Sloane, you know Sloane went to Art School and dropped Ferris like the early-warning Grunge listening slacker he was going to be, right? No. 1 Tin Cup. After Roy McAvoy flamed out, and you know he did, how did Dr. Molly Griswold do on tour? And was the ”really” a Dr.? I’m guessing she tried to squeeze a few bucks out of Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods and then things went south. Probably ended up back in Amarillo. Still, I’d pay to watch all these sequels.
  4. Tater Tots should be an option at any fine restaurant you go to. Why the elitism hate on the tot? If they’d come up with them at some high-end place in New York or LA, we wouldn’t be able to afford them today. The Tot rules. Gonna have some with our birthday steaks tonight. The Tater Tot is multi-dimensional player. Breakfast. Lunch. Supper. Try having a baked potato at breakfast… The Tot meanwhile is just there waiting for you like an old friend. Hello Friend.
  5. We woke up to a 16-year old in the house this morning. Don’t fret. We knew it was coming. He’s our son. It’s pretty awesome to be able to see all the possibilities of the world through the eyes of a fine young man like our son. In fact, I kinda teared up this morning. As I began to think about all the places he can now drive himself…. Sweet 16 isn’t just for the kid, it’s for the parents too! Here’s to my son. A fine Christian young man who can parallel park in a truck and change a flat tire. We’re gonna keep him around! I’m proud of the man he’s becoming! It’s an honor and a blessing from God to have a child like Reed. How motivated is he to take his test in his favorite truck… well, you saw the pic on the front page of him changing a tire in 100+ heat today. Well done!