5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Black And White To People-Watching, The Stealing Of August & What Would Get Hyatt Back To The Mall . . .

  1. The Andy Griffith Show was better in black and white. Same for Gilligan’s Island and The Beverly Hillbillies.
  2. As you get older, you enjoy different things. Now at a concert, music festival or any gathering of some-such, people-watching is a fun thing. It occurs to me though that years back, I was probably the guy older folks were “people-watching”. I hope I provided a good show!
  3. Baxter Black is probably one of the best/funniest writers most folks have never heard of. That’s O.K. It’s like belonging to a cool club.
  4. It’s really a shame how August has been taken away as a summer month over the years. With the earlier and earlier start dates for school and then pushing up everything for teachers and students in the month, August has disappeared. That’s too bad. The first day of school should be after Labor Day and the last day should be the end of May. That’s plenty of time to get done what needs to get done.
  5. If there were an Orange Julius at the South Plains Mall I might go back in there. At the very least Chelsea Street Pub. Otherwise, I’ve got no reason to go inside these day.


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