5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Pizza Or Lasagna? Fishing In The Rain, Places In Lubbock Hyatt Closed Down, The Day The (New) Music Died & Paul Newman’s Best Movie. Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. So, Chicago Deep Dish and Detroit Style pizza are basically lasagna. With bread. . .
  2. I’ll withstand just about any thing short of hurricane conditions to fish in the rain. In town though, I’ll sit in my truck and wait for a window before I go into a store or something. If more places had Rainbows and German Browns, I might be motivated to move faster
  3. Top 3 Places In Lubbock That Closed Because I Guess I Didn’t Go In There Enough: No. 3. Carl’s Jr. I love their burgers and never had a bad experience there, but they left us. I apologize. No. 2. Midnight Rodeo. (Wait, I did my part! How did this get on the list??? No. 1. Chelsea St. Pub. Legendary place at South Plains Mall for years. Every time we went, had fun, good food and drinks. It became a Christmas Eve ritual for us as that was about the only time I ever went to the mall. And that right there is how I killed it off. Hardly ever went over the years, even though it was a great place. Again, I apologize to Lubbock.
  4. Pretty sure I drive my radio show co-host Rob Breaux crazy sometimes when I tell him I have no idea what some bands best songs are going back over the last 25 years or so. That or I’ve heard of the band, but could tell you what song is there’s when he plays one coming back from break. This past week he couldn’t believe my ignorance regarding Blink 182. Hey, I’ve heard of them, just don’t know a single song. That said, I’m not sure the exact date, but at a certain most folks quit listening to new ”pop” music and just go with what they know. For me that was around 30 give or take minus Texas Country Music. I can listen to Prime Country on satellite and nail all the songs, lyrics and date they came out. Put me on a current country station and I couldn’t tell you three artist. For our younger readers laughing at this…don’t worry, your day will come. Gonna go listen to some Alan Jackson now.
  5. Fact. Paul Newman never made a better movie than Slap Shot.