5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Saturday Night Live, Perfect Super Bowl Half-Time Show, Long-Gone Lubbock Pizza Joints, Self-Checkout Wisdom & Border Security

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. I honestly don’t know how Saturday Night Live stays on the air. They’re obvious political-bent aside over the last few years…it’s just not funny or compelling. What a shame. Combined with most “Late Night” shows on the networks, (Not you Gutfeld!) it’s painfully obvious the masses have been dumbed-down over the last 20 years or so into what they consider entertainment.
  2. Speaking of comedy and entertainment, if they wanted me to watch for about 20 minutes at half-time of the Super Bowl they should get Jerry Seinfeld to come on stage and do all new material. “What’s the deal with Astro-Turf? Did I miss it when the Neil Armstrong walked on green carpet on the moon? I guess, crappy rugs was already taken as a name. . . Hey! Anybody here from Hoboken?”
  3. Top 3 Best Lubbock Pizza Places That No Longer Exist: No. 3. Pizza Planet. I think the last location was around 50th and Uitca behind what was once a Steak and Ale. Long Gone. Great hamburger pizza. No. 2. Shakey’s. Mojo’s. Rush Room. What more did we need. No. 1. Pizza Express. A delivery place in the 1980s. Pepperoni was awesome. Huge pies. Five bucks well spent. The fact they had same colors as my high school was a nice bonus.
  4. When I use the Self-Checkout feature at my grocery store I always ask myself if I have any plans for later on in the day.
  5. Every day I thank God I live in a country that millions of folks are trying to get in to as opposed to living in a country where millions of folks are trying to get out of it. That said, it’s immoral to not protect the nature, norms, customs and culture of the country that so many folks want to come to. In fact, to do otherwise is to squander the very essence of America.